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De som tapte freden

Photo: Silje Kvammen

"De som tapte freden" is a notion of the fate of the individual in the great political system.

October 25, 2019, it was 75 years since the Red Army liberated East Finnmark after World War II.

In post-war Norway, we have heard little about the resistance work that was done in the north.

The partisans in East Finnmark did not receive medals, decorations or recognition from the Norwegian authorities.


Photo: Silje Kvammen

The Samovar Theater has been inspired by the books "People at a Border" and "Moscow Knows No Tears".

Based on the story of Osvald Harjo and Harald Rygh, we want to highlight the partisans' work, the war that raged in the north, and the difficult choices many people made in light of their time.


Photo: Silje Kvammen

This is the story of those who fought for what they believed in and sacrificed everything, but who lost peace.

foto bernt nilsen 744.JPG

Photo: Silje Kvammen

Production: Samovarteateret AS

Director and dramaturgy: Bente S. Andersen

Directing assistant and producer: Turid Skoglund

Script: Ingeborg Arvola, in collaboration with Bente S. Andersen

Choreography and movement: Nikolay Shchetnev

Screenwriter and historian: Morten Jentoft

On stage: Ivar Beddari, Runa Sætervoll and Emil Bræin Furuli

Composition and musical landscape: Jurgita Miezelyte (Lithuania)

Musician: Sergey Gromov (Russia)

Lighting and sound design: Jan Harald Jensen

Stage master: Odd Aune

Sound engineer: Evgeny Markov (Russia)

Lighting technician: Anniell Olsen

Costume design: The Samovar Theater

Sewing: Natalia Egorova (Russia)

Sound recording and technique in the studio:

Tommy Johansen

Voice-over, Norwegian text:

Magnus Holm Slettebø and Ivar Beddari

Voice-over, Russian text: Vladislav Timonin (Russia)

Voice-over, Finnish text: Sverre Porsanger

Translator, Russian text: Liza Stepanova

Poster design and visual design:

Christine Galschjødt / Galschjødt design

Photo - poster and program: Torgrim Halvari

Administration: Audhild Andersen

PR and marketing: Theresa Haabeth Holand

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