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"Lost in the horizon" is about boundaries, horizons and how they affect us as human beings; our hopes, dreams and everyday life.

Boundaries and power, longing and love, dream and reality.

Photo: Sergey Zhigaltsov


Photo: Sergey Zhigaltsov

"Lost in the horizon" is a highly topical performance, seen in the light of today's worldview.

According to the UN, a quarter of a billion people are now moving across national borders in search of a better future. At the same time, new walls and border zones are being built all over Europe, all over the world.

Closed borders

Strictly guarded borders


Photo: Sergey Zhigaltsov

Film: Sergey Zhigaltsov

Production: Samovarteateret AS

Directed and dramaturgy: Bente S. Andersen (Norway)

Assistant Director : Runa Sætervoll (Norway)

On stage:

Turid Skoglund (Norway)

Nikolay Shchetnev (Norway / Russia)

Hanne Mathisen Haga (Norway)

Viacheslav Poliakov (Russia)

Liudmila Isakova (Russia)

Dramatic text: Ingeborg Arvola (Norway)

Composition and music: Jurgita Miezelyte (Lithuania)

Lighting design: Jan Harald Jensen (Norway)

Sound design: Magnus Holm Slettebø (Norway)

Lighting technician on tour: Anniell Olsen (Norway)

Sound technician on tour: Pavel Rumyantsev (Russia)

Scenography: Marianne Stranger (Norway)

Photo: Sergey Zhigaltsov (Russia)

Costumes: The Samovar Theater in collaboration with Marianne Stanger (Norway)

Producer - tour in Russia: Kristina Dryagina (Russia)

Translator - Screenplay and text: Liza Stepanova (Norway / Russia)

PR and marketing: Audhild Andersen and Theresa Haabeth Holand (Norway)

Produced by the Samovar Theater, in collaboration with the National Theater in Karelia, Petrozavodsk.

Funded by BarentsKult, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Samovar Theater.

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