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“Meeting point

- Barents performing artists”


- a three-year network project

  led by the Samovar Theater,

  funded by the Ministry of Culture

Through this project we want to open up and further develope our Norwegian-Russian network, and create new networks between already established and newly-educated artists in the Barents region.


The project will create meeting points which focuses on knowledge transfer, networking and exchange of professional competence.


We also want to focus on young, professional performing artists to meet the established

art community in the Barents region.


In each place, the local organizers will include other artists and people working with art in the specific area.

In time of corona and closed borders, our network activities have been digitalized, with «Teams» as our meeting point and artistic tasks through film and digital media.



-  The National Theatre and The National Puppet Theatre of Petrozavodsk, Russia

- «Komafest» – Vardø, Norway

-  Artists and curators via Arctic Art Institute – Arkhangelsk, Russia

- “Lost and found productions” – Andøya, Norway

-  Samovarteateret – Kirkenes, Norway

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