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"SKÅR" - of faith, hope and love

- Episodes from a human life -


"SKÅR - of faith, hope and love" is based on meetings and conversations with young people, and adults. They have shared memories, recipes and episodes from their lives with us.

Memories that are inherited for generations, which we collectively carry with us for better or worse. Choices that shape us as human beings, and the belief that life always carries us.

The performance is intertwined with music, storytelling, movement and text - in several episodes.

Suitable for young people, young adults and everyone who has been there once.

«The dance hall should be thick with tobacco smoke and anticipation. It should clink in glass, and people should have happy faces. "I'll take a look at the accordion, and ask him with my eyes to play a slow waltz - as soft as milk and honey."

Thanks to our reference groups in Alta, Nordreisa, Berlevåg, Kjøllefjord, Vardø, Vadsø and Kirkenes!

Cast: Production: Samovarteateret AS Directed and dramaturgy: Bente S. Andersen Newly written text: Ingeborg Arvola, Torill Olsen and Bente S. Andersen Performers: Turid Skoglund, Nikolay Shchetnev, Runa Sætervoll and Per-Magnus Barlaug Sound design: Magnus Holm Slettebø Lighting design: Jan-Harald Jensen Technical team: Pavel Rumyantsev and Anniell Olsen Movement Coach: Ada J. Einmo Sales and marketing: Audhild Andersen and Theresa H. Holand

Financial contributors:

Barents Kult, Sør-Varanger Utvikling og Samovarteateret

The performance premieres on 12 February 2022 during "Vinterlysfestivalen" in Mo i Rana. Then it will be on tour in northern Norway, and played during the Barents Spectacle Festival in Kirkenes.

For more info: / 78 99 24 68 / 905 22 797 /


"The day the eye no longer sees the beautiful, then you can just peel out the eyes!"

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