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- Educational Programme

Since 1991, Samovarteateret has run a theatre school for children and youth in collaboration with Sør-Varanger Kulturskole; «Samovarongan».

We have 60 theatre students between the age of 6 and 19, divided in four groups.


Our students often take part in various theater projects both nationally and internationally.


Photo: Samovarteateret


The teaching is based on our own Samovar pedagogy;

A mixture of our own techniques and methods developed through many years of experience as actors and educators, in combination with classical acting technique.

Every year we put up one or more performances, either in groups or with all 60 students together.

We often work with classics and rework them into our own version.

Photo: Samovarteateret

Through our «apprentice programme», we have had several former students working at the theatre for one year, taking part in daily activities and teaching. 

After this year, many have chosen to take further education in the field of theater, and we are pleased to see that our students

return to the Samovar Theater after completing their education.


Photo: Samovarteateret


Photo: Samovarteateret

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