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Performance "Under the Arctic Skin"

Welcome to a «walking performance» of short movies and theatre – inside Malmklang!

So – how is everything going up north? With the place and the art? With the people, us, living here? Here, where there’s nothing, where cars can freeze to death and where babies are put outside in the cold to get strong and healthy. Where we boil ourselves in sauna before we are finished using diapers.

How are we now – in this «empty space» which the pestilence has given us? Have we spent this time becoming more like the rest? Or are we «ourselves enough»?

«I got you under my skin»… we hum, while shuffeling the snow over the edge, and the light floral dress is blowing in the wind. Away with the snow, the time of darkness and the pestilence!

We are on screen now – all of us, hanging around in small, square realities, looking all the way into each others nostrils, while the smell of alcoholic hand disinfection makes us dizzy in the head.

Let’s take the pulse of this place! We invite you into a border crossing universe, where you can experience the place and the north people like they really are, seen through the eyes of the art in time of pestilence.


Premiere sunday of March, at 17.00

Performance sunday of March, at 19.00

Performance monday 22.nd of March, at 18.00

Performance thuesday 23.rd of March, at 18.00

Only 20 audiences per performance – be quick!

Tickets can be bought at

Price: 50,- per ticket / Duration: Ca. 1,5 hour

Bring warm clothes and shoes

We follow all corona-rules


· «Kulturskolens teaterelever Samovarongan» in group 4

· Samovarteateret

· The National Theatre and The National Puppet Theatre of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Russia

· Lost and found Productions, Andøya, Norway

· «Komafest», Vardø, Norway

· Artists and Arctic Arts Institute in Arkhangelsk, Russia

«Under the arctic skin» is part of a Norwegian-Russian network project called

«Meeting point – Barents performing artists», led by Samovarteateret, funded by The Norwegian Ministry of culture.

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