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Work in Progress - SKÅR

18, 19 and 20 february we are showing "work in progress" at Malmklang, Kirkenes, as a part of Barents Spektakel 2021.

Video: Pavel Rumyantsev

“When it comes to this so-called love.”

Stands completely still. Straight up and down.

“Well, one has to say…”

On impulse, a rolling ball shoots from the bottom of the stomach to the right-hand fingertips. As soon as it occurs, it stops.

“…the day the eye cannot glimpse the beautiful…”

Pulls the left shoulder slightly upwards. Inhales and allows the entire chest to fill up, freeing up space between all the vertebrae in the spine. The right shoulder draws backwards whilst the left wants to go forward.

“… one can just scratch out one’s eyes!”

A warm feeling spreads up the neck and to the face.

Note for tomorrow: Remember to breathe. Remember to breathe.


The finished performance will premiere in the autumn of 2021.

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